Our philosophy of travel

Travel should not be a positive endomorphic experience: it will change you for the better. We both have come from small farm backgrounds where dollars earned were from hard work. Spending money needs to be purposeful; we do not have any need to blow money on extravagant expensive travel hotels, transportation or restaurants or anything close to the travel requirements that you read about in almost every airline travel magazine. A perfect trip is to have more money in the bank then when we left

Traveling in a herd while it may be comforting to some is not for us, so group tours, bus tours and cruising is too be avoided. As well as the cost charged by the tour organizers, so we travel either alone or as a couple off the Beaten Track. This does not mean it must be a physical challenge as we have the usual past 60 physical constraints; we go within our capabilities and plan for that

We travel light; a lighter load is equally a lighter load to carry worry about, watch, repair, loose and obsess about and lit enables we travel by local means.

We aim to have fun, explore, experience life and do things now. We want to share by writing about our experiences. This may be somewhat self-serving as we can just refer people to blogs rather than continuing answer the same question, how do you do this. And yes, we’re pushing up to a hundred countries!